Saturday, July 23, 2016

new bench

         new bench                                                                 dds module

                li mn battery pack 60ah                                                     dds sig gen

new solar arrays

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

finally found solution for my nas 110 hard drive crash  just replace the drive with a fresh un allocated drive and the unit will do the rest and format and prep to factory default.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

new equipment and projects

here are some new projects and equipment

portable prototype station with xminilab scope

                                                        9 digit 140mhz freq counter

4 digit using 74c926 counter

2.4ghx counter for $17.00 on ebay

protoboard chassis using plexi

4 digit counter

3 digit counter using 4553 chip

Friday, January 3, 2014


  1.                                    schematics for projects

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                                                    dual power supply

                                          solid state oscope

                                                     space gun

                                      fm modulator

                                                4 ghz osc with multiplier

                          icm7216      basic freq counter module common cathode 

                               icm 7216a  module  common anode

                                     range and function info

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

freq cntr type 1

freq cntr type 2

icm 7216 10 mhz freq cntr with prescaler and regulater
final 60 mhz range

                                                     workbench in shop

                                                 8 digit cntr

                                                   8 digit cntr

                                                  9 digit cntr

                                                  counter module 10mhz

                                               3 ghz counters

                                                                solid state oscope 25mhz

                                          pocket oscope 500khz

                                     prototype unit dvm  power supply and freq cntr

                                  9 digit counter good to 140mhz without prescaller input counter 74s196
                                  good to 140 mhz   input amps mmic msa 0486 (800 mhz) on ch 1

                                       ch 2  mc01080  1 ghz  divide by 10 and msa 1486  (3ghz)

                     10 mhz time base store/clear for freq counters using discrete ic's in above unit

                                          200 mhz oscope from ebay works great

                                          heathkit 40mhz oscope from ebay freq cntr to 3ghz


                                               function generator/60mhz counter

l/c tester

dds 60 mhz sig gen

                                                                prototype unit

                                                        solar panels

                                                           backside of small unit



                                                          various counter units

                                                                dds module

jewle thief   .9v to led power driver

icm 7216d mini board unit

freq cntr type 3 display board for above

1 inch mpx display unit for counter modules

bench 3 ghz counter

 solar voltage upverter .9 to 5 v

above with battery and case

                                                                      emf detector

 various counter project units